GIWA Scaling and Scoping Exercise

Welcome to the scaling and scoping exercise for environmental impacts, socio economic impacts and future conditions!

For each region, these exercises will provide information on:

  • prioritization of the major concerns and issues within each system;
  • prioritization of the systems according to the severity of perceived impacts; and
  • identification of major concerns within the entire region.

This information will give an idea of the severity of impacts of the defined issues within each system and perceptions regarding the likelihood of changes in those impacts in the next 20 years.

The results will be of particular use in Phase III of GIWA, where they will be compared to those arising from the predictive modelling in which current pressure indicators are used in conjunction with the causal chains. This will enable GIWA to predict which issues might arise in each sub-region if existing practices are maintained. In essence, the scaling and scoping exercises will enable tasks to be set for more detailed environmental impact assessments and causal chain analyses.

Each page is accompanied by instructions and/or background information aiming to inform your group about completing and submitting your score sheets. The background material is derived from Chapter II: Design of the GIWA Scaling and Scoping Exercise.

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